A Package of Puzzles

Daughter dear do you fear
The future, the enormity
Of the world against
the vastness of the universe

Demon Daughter, haunting me
Will you never relinquish me?
For I crave liberty
But you remain tied to me

Anchoring me down
You wear the crown
You are the monarch
Of my barren country

Your speech is grandiose
And eloquent. You are
So tiny and yet
Your cry can fill a room

And I envy you
I do. I do.


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  1. Lola Snow Says:

    All right out there Louise? You’ve been very quiet lately. Hope that you are OK

    Lola x


  2. Louise Says:

    Thank you Lola. I am somewhat stunned. I am afraid. I have just discovered what a high price you can pay if a consultant psychiatrist decides he does not like you. Or, as he would probably put it, that you are not ‘likeable’.

    Thank you for your concern.


  3. Louise Says:

    Sorry. Missed this. The details are in the next post. Although it’s even weirder than that/ Hugs/


  4. Incumbant Says:

    do u have a twitter


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