March Past

I took Nobby to see the march past of the Royal Anglian Regiment.  They were a remarkable looking group of young men (and, yes, some women too).  Nobby was ‘all gonged up’. (i.e: he was draped in medals and wore his Commando beret.) They let us through the barrier to take a closer look.  Nobby is 93 by the way so this quite an adventure.  The crowd was appreciative of them and they made that clear.  They act on our behalf.  They do what they do so that we don’t have to.  Nobby was the centre of attention.  As always but then he deserves it.


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  1. will Says:

    I went to a similar event some time ago. I was impressed by the turnout and the support offered to the troops.


  2. So Sick of Drowning « Light Dragoons – Network Blogs Says:

    […] Link: So Sick of Drowning […]


  3. Clever Kitty Says:

    Oh do shut up. Maybe twim should open itself up and give you and you alone access.


  4. sanabituranima Says:

    Clever Kitty, what on earth are you talking about?


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