Oh Theo, How I Adore You

Just a PS to this post: Yes, there are arguments made by Dalrymple/Daniels that have my full support. I wish more men would make the assertions the good doctor has made here. I perceive football as an ugly, vulgar game but in saying this I get treated as though I have said something sacrilegious. I share his distaste at the many other vulgarisms that are woven into modern life. And I don’t particularly like regional accents and believe that we should all aspire to received pronunciation and standard English, but then I am an unemployed elocution tutor.

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4 Responses to “Oh Theo, How I Adore You”

  1. Eye in the Sky Says:

    Well, I wouldn’t say I adore him but he’s a fine writer.


  2. COREY Says:

    They call it miserabalism. I call it tedium.


  3. Richard Carling (@perfectgeneral) Says:

    Distaste comes easily to some. They find loss harder to deal with.

    Polemic is an ugly, vulgar game. Football is just a team exercise that has too much money thrown at it. The real shame about football is the energy expended that could be put into more liberating pursuits. Still, each to their own.

    Received pronunciation and standard English is an affectation. If you can’t live as the lovely Brummie you were born, that is your choice, but why look down on others for living differently? Diversity provides music for all ears.


  4. Louise Says:

    Ah, Richard, good to see you around these parts.

    Follow my doctor Dalrymple posts and the mystery will be solved.

    Daniels/Dalrymple is a fellow Brummie. He was a consultant psychiatrist ‘in a slum hospital’ in Birmingham, mainly treating the untermenscen. So that’s you and me then. And all that time he was writing missives to that delightful publication The Spectator in which he waged a silent war against the very system he was working within, his colleagues, underlings and patients.

    As for ‘received pronunciation’: I am aware of its history. As a drama student I could slip in and out of a altitude of accents. I’ve lost the knack of it now. Lose it or lose it, or so they say.

    Warm regards to H.

    Bella is now on the Rainbow Bridge.


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