My Weird Take on the Election

A new government has been formed – a coalition government comprised of the Tories and the Lib Dems. There have been stranger bedfellows. Yesterday I was afraid. Today I am slightly less afraid. Yesterday I believed that the Mail on Sunday would have their way; they called on David Cameron to form a minority government with the words: ‘Brown Lost, Clegg Lost, Cameron won.’ As if they think we have a presidential system.

I, rather selfishly, wondered what all this would mean for me. Maybe it won’t mean anything for me. Maybe it won’t affect me at all. Maybe they’ll let me go on my merry way on the cosy little island I have created for myself whose only other inhabitants are Nobby and Ginger.

The voice in my head that says, ‘They want you dead’ will be there regardless of who is in power. The voices in my head are malevolent now. The benign ones have departed. Maybe the malevolent ones have driven the benign ones away. Maybe they declared war on them and massacred them, disposing of them forever. The inside of my head is a volatile little place.

You see what I just did there? I began this post by discussing an issue that will affect an entire country and I conclude it by talking about myself. A commenter wagered that with the birth of my niece I might become a little less self-obsessed. Ain’t gonna happen, sweetheart.

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4 Responses to “My Weird Take on the Election”

  1. Zoe Brain Says:

    Hi Louise.

    Just a random well-wish from a total stranger.

    I’m involved in cognitive research. You have so much creativity, so much intuition, that you can see patterns in events others cannot.

    Usually, the patterns are there, but few see them. Sometimes though, you see patterns with no external reality – the price of high intuition. That’s where you need to engage your rational, conscious mind to tell you what’s real and what isn’t.

    Your filters are set a bit too low. Most people’s are far too high. I’m sorry this causes you so much distress. Both the perception of things that are not, and the perception of things that are, but that others don’t see. It’s the latter that many can’t deal with.

    Anyway, my best wishes, and may you find peace and joy. Or may it find you, either works. It’s good to have a friend nearby though to cross-check and provide objective assessments of reality sometimes. That will give you confidence in determining what’s real, and what isn’t.

    Take care, Zoe


  2. sanabituranima Says:


    Firstly, under the circumstances, you#re entitled to be self-absorbed. You’re in pain. If someone punches me in the face, I am entitled to say “Ow!” and not be told “Don’t you realise how much worse it is for some people? You think your face being punched is bad – try moving to Darfur!” Bad stuff is happening to you and you have every right to b upset.

    Secondly, remember the voices aren’t real and are talking BS. Play some music to drown them out. You’re lovely. Keep on keeping on.


  3. Louise Says:

    @Zoe: yes, it’s true. My psychiatric said that at the root of all my problems was an absence of a filter to partially block the world out. As a result I am bombarded with information that serves no purpose. And I am not discerning enough to block them.


  4. Louise Says:

    sanabituranima: You are right, of course. Neglecting your own needs makes you pretty useless to other people.


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