Someone Just Like Me

When I enter Alice James’s house I feel like I have left the world behind.  Alice herself is all big eyes and pale skin but although she is severely malnourished anorexia is a secondary condition.  Her primary diagnosis is agoraphobia.  She cannot leave the house.  Unlike many agoraphobic she has help.  Her family and friends do what they can but, as Alice says, they have lives too.’

‘I can’t expect them to act as slaves to me.  There’s a limit to what they can do.  There’s a limit to what anyone can do.’

‘I feel as though I’ve resigned from the world.  This is my world now and I don’t dare venture beyond these four walls.

It is a bleak and lonely existence and I see myself in it.

She rarely leaves the house and even then she cannot do it alone.  When she does leave the house alone she takes taxis.  ‘Buses and trains terrify me.  All those people.’

I am not far from that myself.  I am afraid for my own future.


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  1. While Rome Burns Says:

    Agoraphobia is a terrible, misunderstood thing. Years and years trapped in your room. But nobody cares because you’re not bothering them.


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