Tomorrow You Go Off to War

You are off to the war tomorrow
You do not seem unduly concerned
Me, I see the drama in everything
If we didn’t seek conflict
We’d never have survived
If we didn’t seek elation
We’d never have arrived
There’d be no Shakespeare
No Sophocles, Aristotle or Homer
No missiles pointing at the sky

But I do not say these things to you
I keep them to myself
For tomorrow you are off to war

Skating down the river
Arm in arm, feeding
Off one another’s warmth
Carving patterns in the ice
‘We must cherish every sensation’
I say as I hear the icicles
Crackling deep inside me
I see a bright red scarf
Draped across the snow
It crosses my mind briefly
That soon that might just be you

But I do not say these things to you
I keep them to myself
For tomorrow you are off to war.

Dancing across a polished floor
The Waltz, the Tango, the Foxtrot
Gracefully encircling other couples
Like so many chess pieces
We cling to one another
So tightly, treasuring every step
And I find myself wondering
If he’d be like this
Performing his elegant manoeuvres in the sky
While great cities burn beneath him

But these thoughts remain unspoken
We are having fun
And tomorrow you go off to war

Dining in some dark corner
Of some sophisticated restaurant
Conserving our words, lost
In some private world
And all around other couples dine
A smattering of miniature worlds
‘Is he going? Is he going too?’
‘Yes,’ you whisper back
And I wonder how many will return

But I cannot say anything
It is getting late
And tomorrow you are off to war

Sunrise sees us in your bedroom
We smoke expensive French cigarettes
We stare up at the ceiling
And count the cracks in the plaster
Then we rise, dress, kiss
Visions of last night
Invade my mind
And I stare at him
Hating him for a moment
Wishing him dead

But I bite down on my lip and say nothing
He might die, after all
For today he is off to war


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  1. sanabituranima Says:

    You write extremely well.


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