On the Edge of the Shore

the promenade on the edge of the shore
painting the glaring lights of the all night restaurants
pyramids cakes were mountains to climb
that blueberry cheesecake was her voodoo
the rain sizzles in the gutter where old men sleep

Words of remembrance. Feelings banished
a higher threshold of feeling intimacy
Sleep naked, deep valleys, I remember
the ten commandments, folding inside me
caress my forehead for I will return on
The day of resurrection

Wedged in sideways, all slimey
the pale face, a diamond facade
vulgar and garish they may well be
But this is my shrine, the world whitened
after the final blow. I harbour no grudge

I am a crystal paperweight but I will
Always know more than you ever will
smug, self-contained most unbecoming
paw print in the snow, in the salty water
defend the tree from which I was hewn
For she was my mother.


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