Part Third Person


They exacerbated her situation, she claimed.  They locked her up, forcibly medicated her and failed to control oversexed male patients.  When she complained the staff suggested that she should dress more modestly.  ‘He thinks the sexual abuse of a few women is a price worth paying for gender integration.’He sections them and then leaves them to their fate.  He refuses to admit there is a problem.  She was being punished for having the audacity to challenge an oppressive and all-powerful system.  ‘It’s like a steamroller.  Or a tank.  It cannot be stopped.  Perhaps I should be all innocent and unquestioning.  Perhaps I should stop being so bloody minded but then I would have to stop being me and I’m not prepared to do that.


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  1. sanabituranima Says:

    *hugs* This is very bad. I shall pray that you are ok.


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