I Don’t Belong

self loathing, always feeling as I’ve done something wrong.  Heart like granite, unable to give,  Waste of a life.  Waste of a body.  I DO NOT BELONG ON THIS PLANET.

She was the witch, driven to the periphery of the village.  They were afraid of her, that much was clear.


2 Responses to “I Don’t Belong”

  1. The Poet Laura-eate Says:

    Why should a person be worth any less than another person though?

    The love of my life often says he doesn’t deserve me. I reply that he’s as worthy as he chooses to be. We all are. That is the beauty of free will. Every day we make a choice of who and how we are going to be that day and thus how proud we are going to be of ourselves at the end of it.

    My dysfunctional childhood (if not exactly abusive) is now a distant land I have separated myself from. Unless my mother rings when it all comes horribly back for an hour or so. I feel guilty I find it virtually impossible to talk to her or see her for more than about half an hour – even less with my father! Seeing them actually makes me feel ill.


  2. zerodayswarez Says:

    I know nothing about it


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