I am the Guilty One

When I was seven years old I was abused by a neighbour.  I cooperated.  Was I a little slut?

Apologies.  Normal Service will resume shortly.


5 Responses to “I am the Guilty One”

  1. David Says:

    No. I was similarly abused at a very young age and just accept it as normal. Naivety view from the perspective of maturity does not automatically qualify complicity, however you now feel.


  2. Lola Snow Says:

    No. Absolutely categorically Not. You were a child who deserved safety, love and respect but didn’t get it. It is never the child’s fault. No exceptions.

    Lola x


  3. sanabituranima Says:

    *hugs* Absolutely not, but I can see why you think like that. You were small and afraid and didn’t understand what was happening. This is beyond your control. The person who did this was very bad. You are just very unfortunate.


  4. Laura Says:

    NO. NO. NO. You are innocent. The abuser is guilty.
    I’m sending hugs and healing to you. x


  5. Louise Says:

    Thank you for all of your responses. Each one has been more help than you will ever know. Intellectually, I know this. Emotionally and spiritually I can’t bring myself to accept it. I am going back into therapy soon so maybe that should sort something out.


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