What Does This Mean?

I have published a piece of art work on the K***** Theatre Website.  Is this a sign?  Do they even know who contributed it?  Is this acceptance.  A voice invades my head.  It is the Pseudo Messiah: ‘Everyone hates you in ***bridge.  We are going to drive you out of this city.  This town ain’t big enough for the both of us.  I am the one who controls this place and everyone in it.  You don’t.  You are nothing.  You are growing old and haggard and soon no one will want you.’  Is he sending messages psychically?  The Pseudo Messiah has always claimed that he liked older women.  Why am I suddenly afraid of him after all these years?


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One Response to “What Does This Mean?”

  1. foresightyourctpsychic Says:

    I find that those who feel the need to attack you with personal comments are usually desparate, feel unsure of themselves and have far less power than they claim to have…

    It’s usually the last resort of someone who doesn’t have any reasonable or workable attacks. The “yah, yah, you’re ugly and your mother dresses you funny…” of a grown up bully-brat.

    So when one hears such attacks, it’s time to get out the bull feathers detector and take stock of what’s really going on, as opposed to what the bully/ brat wants you to think.




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