If Anyone Is Interested…

This is my diagnonsense:


As a group, people with schizoaffective disorder have a more favorable prognosis than people with schizophrenia, but a worse prognosis than those with mood disorders.[4]

Maybe that’s why they seem to have given up on me.

Or is that my mean-spirited paranoia talking?

automated.  expires today
graceful Midnight invalidated
They disregard my appeal
The conviction is upheld
Doors are shut against me
This road leads to nothingness
There is no cure for this kind of distress
A party girl in a red silk dress
Archaic aunts, paper-based
Not blessed with the capacity
For empathy. Wire-haired clowns
A circus parades through a multitude of towns
They bear a grudge
Demonic eyed.  Sinister.
Cocktails in tall glasses
Brightly coloured, fizzy
And topped with exotic fruit
A brandy to send me off to sleep
Delightful afternoons.  Hazy, sunlit,

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6 Responses to “If Anyone Is Interested…”

  1. scream Says:

    They were talking about removing schizoaffective from the new dsm iv and sticking us all under schizoprenia. it’s all b.s. labels. not even worth thinking about them. I don’t know my current dx and don’t want to know.


  2. CREDIGY - Podcast downloads on the news you interested? Says:

    […] If Anyone Is Interested… « So Sick of Drowning […]


  3. The Secret Life of a Manic Depressive Says:

    Do you write these poems you post? I like them.


  4. Louise Says:

    I agree, Scream. They keep changing my diagnonsense anyway.


  5. Murph Says:

    Diagnonsense. I like that.


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