This Too…

How do I get involved?  I have been labelled a witch by other service users (one of whom physically attacked me).  I am not sure to whom I can turn.  I was also forcibly medicated when I was in hospital.  My perpetrator is the doyen of the ‘user service movement’.  So where should I go?  I am alone all the time and I take pills, so many pills.  I live near Hanover Court.  I am even rejected by the marginalised.  Where should I go to from here?  I still love him by the way.

I would be grateful for your advice.

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3 Responses to “This Too…”

  1. Seaneen Says:

    This could be my paranoid mentalism talking- but are you referring to me, here? Because if so, I’ve done nothing to you.


  2. Kay Says:

    Go to a museum
    on free night. To a free movie in a park, to an author’s free signing. Walk The park/lake/river. Be with people. Even if you hate the thought.


  3. Viepaul Says:

    it covers anyone. you just have to be a mentalist.


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