Winter Killls

I am so afraid.  Please help me. I am not to be depended upon.  It can only get worse.  It hurts so much.  Pain in my heart. I am shredding my child wrists. cold hisses in head.  I find i difficult to believe that some people in the madosphere are really ill cos they function so well.  i can’t function at all. maybe they can give me some tips just jealous.


3 Responses to “Winter Killls”

  1. DeeDee Ramona Says:

    I don’t have any answers. Some of the time I am fine, other times I can’t do a damn thing. Right now I’m ok. My illness fluctuates….


  2. bluesilk Says:

    I know, winter is very hard


  3. Serial Insomniac Says:


    I go through periods where I can function reasonably well, despite screaming on the inside. This is not one of those periods though, so to that end I can empathise.

    Wish I could help. Take care of yourself.


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