Ich Bin Ein Untermensch Too

Seaneen over at mentallyinteresting.org.uk. launches a ferocious and passionate and eloquent attack on this article in The Daily Mail. And every missile hits its target. I see parallels between the treatment of the underclass and the treatment of the mentally ill.

They do not follow the rules.  They do not obey instructions.  They are weak, they are feckless, they are helpless.  Their very presence corrupts society.  The industrious middle class readers of The Daily Mail are the most hostile towards them.  It is not that they lack imagination.  It is not that they are devoid of empathy.  Far from it.  They possess those qualities in abundance.  They understand more than they want to.

The underclass and the mentally ill represent devastation.  Lives laid to waste by some invisible force over which they have no control.  Those Daily Mail commenters are afraid because one day they know it could happen to them.  Like aerial bombardment.  No one knows who the missiles will hit next.  But they will never acknowledge that.  Not in a million years.

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4 Responses to “Ich Bin Ein Untermensch Too”

  1. we are all russian dolls Says:

    Apologies for not writing more, but several days of sleep deprivation and lack of food due to my inability to cook a meal in this state have left me somewhat brain dead. I think you write very poignantly and will be reading your blog regularly. Have a good week. I’m off to order a takeaway…


  2. Louise Says:

    Thank you. Sorry to take so long to respond. Love your screen name.


  3. DeeDee Ramona Says:

    You know you really do have talent. You write well. You can get so much meaning into a short piece.


  4. Louise Says:

    I am doing a ‘Spartacus’. I’ve immensely enjoyed reading your output too. You are much more prolific than me.


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