When Did it All Begin?

When did it all begin? When I went crazy for the first time? Or when I decided to stop resisting? When I decided to absorb and implement all the advice the medical profession had to offer?

They made me take their poison. They made me take a drug that is no longer in widespread use: Chlorpromazine (aka: largactil and, in the good old US of A Thorazine) I was made to endure the humiliation of being forcibly medicated. They drag you to your bedspace and close the curtains. Then they push you down onto your bed and four nurses hold you down. One of them kneels on your shoulders. They press you down into the bed. They lift your skirt and then you feel the needle go in and chemicals mingle with blood. An alien substance courses through your veins and there is nothing you can do to stop it. You are in a room on your own. As soon as the nurses have done their work they leave.

No one remains with you to help you make sense of what just happened.

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5 Responses to “When Did it All Begin?”

  1. Em Says:

    That just gave me chills. Wow. What a terrible thing to go through.


  2. Amelia31LQ Says:

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  3. Lola Snow Says:

    ANGRY. So so angry for you. I am sorry Louise that that happened.

    Lola x


    • Louise Says:

      The initial feeling is numbness and disbelief. A little anger would have helped.

      I was sorry to read of your current troubles.

      Please accept hugs.


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