Emotional Atom Bomb

I feel as though I am a fictional character being swept along by a plot devised by some omnipotent author.

An Excerpt from Real Life Diary:

Sitting here in the dayroom.  The atmosphere is so agonisingly oppressive.  There is a debate going on amongst a group of women about whether they should make ‘their men’ participate in the housework.  I feel alienated due to lack of experience.  So I have nothing to contribute.  I don’t belong here and they know it.  Hideous flesh hangs from my bones.  I feel like getting a knife and paring it off.

A multitude of personae live within me.  Some of them haven’t been introduced to the rest of the world.  I need a way to annihilate these superfluous personalities but they seemed to be prisoners inside me and I do not have the key to unlock the door.  And a part of me doesn’t want to hurt them because they are me.  How much of my true self would survive the annihilation I plan – the emotional atom bomb I intend to drop deep inside myself?


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One Response to “Emotional Atom Bomb”

  1. bellavita17 Says:

    You are the author, you always have control. Fight the characters that you dislike, don’t let them consume you. The fight and struggle are what make us human, the easiness makes for fiction. Fight, and you will win.


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