Yes I am Happy Occasionally

At this time of year and against my own will, my spirits are lifted.  A magical feeling that evaded language or definition.  A time when simply being alive, animated was sufficient.  And we awaited blessings and gifts from above.  When I was very little my brother used to wake me up at six in the morning.  He would crawl into bed with me.  We hugged each other in the dark, beneath the duvet.  We whispered excitedly as they made our way downstairs, barefoot, avoiding the loose tread on the bottom step.  Two Santa’s sacks lay beneath the Christmas tree overflowing with gold and silver packages.  They always did.  Later we went to church. These were moments to savour.

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6 Responses to “Yes I am Happy Occasionally”

  1. Calumcarr Says:

    Merry Christmas, Louise.

    All the best for today and all the days to come.

    I noticed at mentalnurse that you’d missed my blog. That means a lot.

    Take care.



  2. Lola Snow Says:

    Beautiful Louise. This post is really touching.

    Lola x


  3. Lola Snow Says:

    Just wondering if you are out there, and hoping that you are OK and looking after yourself.

    Lola x


  4. Pole to Polar: The Secret Life of a Manic Depressive Says:

    What she said ^. Are you alright?


  5. Louise Says:

    Thank you so much for your concern. It means a lot. I always ‘crash’ after the festive period. That wasn’t the Ghost of the Hindenburg you saw crashing to Earth, it was me.


    Good to see you again, Calum. 😉


  6. This Week in Mentalists (112) « Mental Nurse Says:

    […] Sick of Drowning is feeling the Christmas cheer. At this time of year and against my own will, my spirits are lifted. A magical feeling that evaded […]


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