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I am concerned about Ginger.  He can be a warm, affectionate cat.  Today he trotted towards me, obviously eager to see me.  He jumped up on the arm of my chair and we rubbed faces.  We did this for a few minuted until he jumped down, walked over to his own chair and curled up and went to sleep.

Earlier though it had been a different story.  Nobby has a neighbour – a young woman in her late teens who has two dogs of her own.  As soon as she walks through the door he starts spitting and hissing at her.  We think it is because he smells dogs on her.  As the girl entered the room I picked him up and carried him to the next room where he spat and hissed at me.  Later when the girl had gone Ginger was released from his prison.  That was when he trotted over to me and rubbed against me, almost as though he were apologising.

I am concerned that he may exhibit this behaviour on the street and that his target may not be an animal lover.  I have surfed the net looking for solutions.  There’s lots of advice about dealing with aggressive dogs but nothing about aggressive cats.  Apart from ‘take him to the vet’ because ‘he may have a neurological disorder’.  Ginger is not actually our cat.  He moved between his own home and Nobby’s.  The trouble is that we have no idea where his other home is.  Nobby has tried to follow him on several occasions but he is a wily old customer and Nobby has never succeeded in following him to his destination.

It is quite a tangled affair. And it is a dilemma I do not welcome.

I would welcome some helpful advice from all you people out there who know something, anything about aggression in cats.

Thank you in advance.

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2 Responses to “Life Collage”

  1. The Enigmatic One Says:

    am going to be brief and condescending – you’ll probably dismiss this but you must stop doing this. my sister a sufferer for years was diagnosed a few weeks ago with cancer of the esophagus. Years of purging. I’m sorry but the I only feel are anger and pity.

    The Enigmatic One


  2. Anglo Saxon Says:

    try spraying some water over him the next time he starts playing up.


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