yup, I’m oh so fuddy-duddy


According to Vacuous Bimbo Extraordinaire.

The poor kid (Georgina Whatserface, that is) is an aspiring model, not an actress.  By the standards of the fashion industry she’s probably too short and too fat.  The only way she’ll achieve that ambition is to break both her legs in two places and starve herself to the point of emaciation.  What fun! I’ve tried the last but never the first.  Still, maybe someday.

Addendum: I have to add though: who could fail to be moved by this ? (I like the pic of Stalin in the background. Very subtle.) He’s endearing, I’ll give him that. Get rid of Wossy and keep him.  At the very least, he’s rather appealing eye candy for the lay-dees. He may also have a role waiting for him as poet laureate (I’d like to apologize for those terrible attacks/Andrew Sachs/I’d like to show contrition to the max/Andrew Sachs/I’d like to create world peace/Between the yellows, whites and blacks/Andrew Sachs). He couldn’t be any worse than the one we’ve got – Andrew Motion who sucks and sucks and sucks some more. He sucks more than anything’s ever sucked before.


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