Quiet Rebellion

The girl in my support group was bitter and pensive. She told her story in a flat, quiet voice. ‘My life was mapped out before I was born. My parents were the cartographers. They sent be to an expensive, exclusive girls’ public school. A boarding school of course, they couldn’t deal with the messiness and chaos of a child’s everyday life. They paid someone else to do that for them. They laughed at me when I told them I found the work difficult. My dad wouldn’t believe me. ‘How is that possible?  You’re my daughter,’ he asked. And I tried so hard to live up to their demands. I really did. They told me to study pharmacy so I did. ‘A nice, solid career,’ they said, hiding their disappointment that I wasn’t quite clever enough to be a doctor. They also wanted me to marry, to give them grandchildren. I was a baby-making machine as well as a money-making machine. I was something they created and controlled. But another life was beckoning me and I stepped through the door that was opened for me and they’ve never forgiven me for that. I don’t suppose they ever will.’


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  1. calumcarr Says:

    Isn’t this typical of parents who see a child not as a separate human being but as a means of fulfilling their own dreams?

    An incredibly heavy cross to bear. The only positive is that the girl has chosen her path although her parents’ holding this against her is so cruel.


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