OTC Medications

This is what I do.  On top of my prescription meds.  They help me avoid eating.  I’m afraid that if I stop taking them I’ll gain weight.  I’ll be what I was before the ED – Little Miss Blobby.

On an entirely unrelated note: what kind of people would do a thing like this?  What are we becoming?  Just when I was beginning to believe that humanity couldn’t sink any lower and maybe I am just as bad as they are but for a moment there I was thinking that I wouldn’t grieve over them if they were rounded up and shot.  A more civilised punishment would be to extract their photographs from CCTV footage and name and shame the cowardly little feckers but this is almost certainly not possible and it wouldn’t make any difference.  We wouldn’t find out why they did what they did because they probably don’t know themselves.

I am ever so slightly angry.  Can you tell?


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2 Responses to “OTC Medications”

  1. Juliette Says:

    You should stop. You’re fucking with your system. Do you want to end up with liver failure?


  2. rezumeuk Says:

    I guess its easy to say that, not so easy to do.But, Juliette is correct about the damage. I have taken Nytol for over 13 years. Nytol is a nightmare! Most OTC’s will cause you damage and prolong mental anguish.


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