Most Unseasonal

The river is frozen over now
A winter dream
Suppressing a silent scream
It is so long I think
Since I last saw the sun

Too long.
I hold my breath
Awaiting its return
Longing for something,
Anything to happen

Then I reflect that some
Spend their entire lives
In this way
Waiting for something
Anything to happen

Maybe life, maybe death
And something snaps inside me
And I don my skates
And I surge forward
Shooting across the ice
Liberated of expectation

I want to go into hibernation. I want to return to my childhood home, to lie in my double bed beneath a feather filled duvet, my cat curled up on my chest, staring at the ceiling, listening to radio four. Woman’s Hour, The Moral Maze, The Afternoon Play. This would be the means by which I would measure out my days. Utterly passive, utterly peaceful.


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  1. deanjbaker Says:

    interesting to see this, thanks


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