Dear God…

Via Clairwil:

Why don’t they just rename this newspaper ‘The Daily Misandrist’ and be done with it because that is exactly what it is?

More to come.

Addendum: Good God, Julie Bindel really is an idiot.  Take a look at this.  Ms. Bindel is not a feminist and she does its cause no good at all.  While some are attempting to prove that women are men’s equals Ms, Bindel is busy trying to prove the opposite.  According to her women are weak and feckless and should never be held accountable for their actions.  They are perennial victims. She is a well-paid, talentless, victim-blaming, hypocritical misandrist.  There’s clearly gold in that there victim complex.

Rhetorical Question: Is Georgia Russia’s Panama?

Probably not. Russia claims it is protecting its citizens whereas the US admitted it was protecting its interests.

WWSS: What would Stalin say? He was Georgian, wasn’t he? Anyway, enough already!

Sag mir wo die Männer sind, wo sind sie geblieben
Sag mir wo die Männer sind, was ist geschehen
Sag mir wo die Männer sind, zogen fort der Krieg beginnt,
wann wird man je verstehen, wann wird man je verstehen?

Future blog title: Secret Diary of a Pseudo-Revolutionary Dead Cat.

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel, people. Oh, it’s an oncoming train.

And I’m wondering why people choose to have cats as pets if they wish to destroy the very thing that makes them cats. This is pretty gruesome.

Could someone please explain?


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2 Responses to “Dear God…”

  1. adamcoster Says:

    Actually the cats were strays. I suppose we could have put them up for adoption instead and hoped for the best…


  2. Louise Says:

    I can’t see why those would be the only choices. Declawing is illegal here in the UK. Thank God. No UK vet would ever agree to perform such a barbaric act.


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