I know more about abuse than you could ever dream of. My mother says she only wants me to be happy. Is this an entirely realistic expectation? It grabs hold of my mind and it won’t let go. Surely contentment is the best we can hope for. Happiness is supposed to be a fleeting emotion. That’s why we relish it. Been doing something dumb – eating alka selzers like sweets. They expand in my stomach and the relentless hunger dissipates.


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Nationalised Bank, no such entity.

    Here’s why, Life is getting harder, More expensive, why Both Parents now need to work.
    Why we will not have Pensions.Or have to work longer, our Real wealth is being fraudelently vacuumed into the Vaults of the Elite in return for worthless ‘credit’

    In contract Law, we must compensate Like for like.

    Supposing I set myself up as a Bank, I create a credit system, Issue cards etc…But, and here’s the important point, I have NOTHING in my Vaults ‘credit’ is simply created out of thin air. Its simply a book keeping entry.

    OK Now, Someone buys a £10,000 Car, using my credit card..the Garage now has ‘money’ transferred to his account, but this ‘money’ actually only costs about £5.00 to print, essentially its just paper..

    But so far everything seems Ok, Now supposing he defaults on his payments. so I reposess the car, Hey Presto, Out of absolutely Nothing, I now have a £10,000 Car.

    If I could arrange to periodically arrange for interests rates to go down, so lowering the cost of Borrowing, wait till I had ensnared enough people then raise interest rates again so significant numbers of them would not be able to repay I could periodically haul in the assets of tens of thousands of individuals and families on a periodic basis and all at no risk to myself.

    In fact the guy who defaults, actually owes me Nothing because I lost Nothing (ignoring the amount of time to type in the transaction or, worst case scenario printing off £10,000 in Notes, total cost about £5.00)
    So having risked nor lost anything, I have no claim against his assets.

    All I’d have to do is have a secret deal with the Bank of England to periodically lower then raise interest rates and I could be onto a real winner……..errr wait….

    Did I say Bank of England, did you know that the Bank of England is NOT actually England’s Bank.
    Its a Privately owned company ( Rothschilds ) and they have been operating this scam for about 200yrs.

    Lets rerun the above but with real money, IE Gold or silver, Suppose I am a bank, with a Vault full of Gold, Some guy comes to me and borrows £10,000 worth of Gold, he goes away and buys himself that new car, giving the Gold to the Car Salesman.
    Things are now as they should be, the Car Salesman has £10,000 worth of Gold, the Buyer has his car and I, the Banker am Owed £10,000. (plus a small amount of interst for my trouble and risk, which we will ignore here for the sake of simplicity)
    Supposing he now defaults on payment, in this instance, the man does indeed owe me £10,000 because he took from me something worth £10,000 IE £10,000 worth of Gold.

    Banking Credit and our Money System based on Irredeemable Paper Money is a fraud, which when used with Periods of Inflation Deflation, Boom Bust cycles allows the Elite to periodically trawl in the Assets of those who have Over extended themselves with Credit.
    Our Paper money system, and inflation, deflation system is purely designed to ensnare the Public wealth.
    Over Many decades, Bankers have been able to become Fabulously wealthy using this scam, and now operate our Sham Parliament from behind the scenes.
    This is how our Political System is now so Corrupt, Cash for Peerages etc.

    Wait, it gets funnier,…think about it Not inly is credit just thin air, they charge us interest for borrowing it…Now that’s funny…

    I say again, we are being farmed,

    Please pass on this Information to as many friends, collegues and relatives, asking them to do the same.




    This man is Congressman Ron Paul




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