I just couldn’t let it lie..

‘A case study in madness’?

This ‘Dan Hart’…is he a psychiatrist as well as a fine arts graduate? And if Ms. Lowde is indeed a ‘case study in madness’ then that makes the lynch mob on here about a thousand times worse than she is. A case study in hypocrisy, methinks. There’s a bit of Matthew Hopkins in all of you.

These people make you proud to be British, don’t they?

It’s worth noting that, in the States, attacking someone for being mentally ill is regarded with as much disapproval as attacking someone because of their race. And we have the audacity to mock them for their perceived lack of sophistication.

PS: BellaCat is really fat again ğŸ˜Ž

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  1. All quotes from Lowde's blog Says:

    ‘Their reporting reminds me of the gutterings of a deranged psychopath, drunk, knocked on the head, waving his cranial aimlessly from one side to the other and coming out with the first thing communicated by the damaged neurology above his forehead.’

    ‘I am at the end of my tether with this stalking psycho, with his barking fellow ‘complainants’ and the psychotic vendetta style claims about seeing vampires, with the raving nutter Stephen Ryder/Dan Norder ‘ripperologists’ and their net dweebs , who I do not give a d**n about, but who have been harassing me for two years – and one more bent sententious copper who’s half mad and hasn’t a clue and has totally lost the plot through the door, and there’ll be alot of trouble.
    Cuckoo! I am not imagining this situation.
    This situation requires restraining orders and an investigation by the PCC. And it has been called for. Deal with it.’

    ‘Here’s to you Clairwil; a proposition. Stop stalking my blog, since you don’t enjoy it, and naff off? You sound like a malicious interfering old hag.
    Or we’ll have to have you sectioned. ;-)’

    ‘All the usual proponents of particular conspiracies tend to fixate on one or other theme ( like the 7/7 conspiracy etc.)- they’re just a pest, with alot of failed relationships and displacement problems to vent and make amends for’

    ‘I don’t want 7th July campaigners on the blog. I hardly ever put their wacky comments through’

    That’s what Felicity Lowde thinks about the mentally ill, Louise.

    You might also want to read what she says about rape victims, and people with PTSD: it is not pretty.


  2. David Duff Says:

    I’m not quite sure what the comment above is meant to prove but if it is the fact that Ms. Lowde is mentally ill then it simply re-inforces the argument in the post above and confirms that the low opinion our hostess has for Ms. Lowde’s “lynch mob” is a shrewd one.


  3. Anonymous Says:

    The above selection of quotes from Lowde’s blog proves that she has a low opinion of the mentally ill and is frequently vitriolic about the subject. Lowde also calls her enemies ‘mad’, ‘having ‘mental condistions’, ‘psychotic’ etc etc with depressing regularity, whilst denying that she is in any way mentally ill herself. (She claims her degree in psychology menas she cannot be mentally ill: by the same odd resoning I suppose doctors and surgeons who have medical degrees cannot get ill or need operations themselves.)

    I raise the point, because Louise Mills main issue with what she calls the ‘lynch mob’ is that they are scathing about the mentally ill. Lowde is equally scathing about the mentally ill. See selection of quotes, or read Lowde’s blog.

    Mills also writes that she has PTSD and therefore sufers from mental health problems. North, from her blog, also suffers from PTSD. Lowde deliberately harassed North, knowing North had PTSD.

    Mills is therefore inconsistent in her position.

    People who attack the mentally ill are deplorable according to Mills: therefore, Lowde, who attacks the mentally ill and delibreately targeted a PTSD sufferer is equally to be deplored.


  4. Louise Mills Says:

    No, my main issue with the ‘lynch mob’ is that they are a ‘lynch mob’. And it was not me who asserted that Ms. Lowde was ‘mentally ill’. That assertion was made by her alleged victims and their supporters: http://tinyurl.com/34723b . Are you suggesting I was wrong to take them seriously? And I’m wondering whether you find Ms. Lowde’s behaviour ‘deplorable’ and, if so, why are you emulating her?


  5. David Duff Says:

    I have no idea if Ms. Lowde is mentally ill or not; nor I might add, am I very sure what people mean when they bandy about a phrase like “mentally ill”.

    However, the statement that “The above selection of quotes from Lowde’s blog proves that she has a low opinion of the mentally ill and is frequently vitriolic about the subject” neither proves nor disproves any supposition that Ms. Lowde,herself, is or is not, mentally ill.

    Her ‘reported’ behaviour seems bizarre, but then, I’ve noticed people looking a little askance at me from time to time as though dressing up as Napoleon was odd. Honestly, some people!


  6. Louise Mills Says:

    Her ‘reported’ behaviour seems bizarre, but then, I’ve noticed people looking a little askance at me from time to time as though dressing up as Napoleon was odd. Honestly, some people!

    Indeed. It’s when you invade your neighbours and occupy their homes that they really start to worry.

    Re: the issue of a certain person’s mental state – that’s not really what bothers me. What bothers me is that her detractors seem to *genuinely believe* she is and they are using what they perceive as her ‘psychological frailty’ against her

    And they are collaborating with one another – malice aforethought.

    Re: the article on your blog that tackles mental illness. I was particularly stuck by your observation that people who, in the past, would have been dismissed as ‘wicked’ are now classed as ‘mentally ill’. My mother is a psychiatric nurse who left adolescent psychiatry because of the number of young people being admitted to her unity with the diagnosis of ‘conduct disorder’ – aka bad behavior which is not, she feels, a mental illness. Theodore Dalrymple has made this observation countless times but nobody in ‘authority’ seems to be listening. A pill for every ill? More like an ill for every pill.

    8:39 PM


  7. Pierre Says:

    ok, so anyway, FJL has sent death threats to people. She is dangerous to the mental health of others, no matter whether she is sane or not, and she does it deliberately.



  8. Louise Mills Says:

    Is that so? Well, maybe a career move is in order. Promotion perhaps. After all, *actually* killing someone seems to bring celebrity status and virtual sainthood in the great British Blogosphere. She might even get a spirited defence from Ms. North herself a la

    ‘I know who Jailhouse is, and I have read all the same articles as everyone else, which are linked on his blog. He has done his time and that is the end of it as far as I am concerned. I am pleased that he is now devoting his considerable energies and anger towards useful things like working for prisoner’s rights and is currently living a blameless and normal life: I think that is a positive result and I do not believe in continuing to bring up a man’s past once he has paid his dues. He devotes himself to his work, he comments on this blog, I know more about him than many of the other commenters and I am quite happy for him to comment here along with everyone else.’


    And they call me a hypocrite!




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