We know how he died but we don’t know why. A few nights ago a neighbour killed himself by jumping from the balcony of his sixth floor flat. He died, they said, of ‘horrific’ internal injuries. We don’t know how long his broken body lay on the grass before he was discovered. His closest neighbours cannot even remember his name. They only remember that he was ‘very mentally ill’. He was deemed worthy of a couple of columns in the local paper.

We know how he died but we don’t know why.
Perhaps we never will.

6 Responses to “Why?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Being your neighbour was probably reason enough.


  2. Louise Mills Says:

    Quelle surprise – it’s JHL.


  3. Anonymous Says:

    Who the **** is JHL?
    Rather, it’s one of the people having a good laugh at your expense on Cecilieaux’s blog.


  4. Louise Mills Says:

    Ah, the Lynch Mob. That figures.


  5. Alexander Fear Says:

    I find it rather ironic that people are angry with Felicity because of the trolling on their blogs (since they were not involved in being stalked).

    And yet, it seems here they are trolling on other people’s blogs that are entirely unrelated. The pot becomes the kettle.

    Louise you should email me re. mental illness I’d like to say some things but not publish them here or anywhere else for obvious reasons.


  6. Louise Mills Says:

    I dont think I had anything to do with his death. Even I am not that egocentric.


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