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Shopaholism II

November 13, 2006


November 13, 2006

This is the aftermath
The world is empty
It has been vacated

The Earth exhales
And a deity scatters
The stars through space
A celestial seamstress

A diamond-cutter
Coloured glass and silver buttons
Adorning no lapel.
This is all so theatrical

Fresh Blood II

November 13, 2006

The media are bombarding us with statistics and dire prophecies. They describe the long-term consequences of the so-called ‘obesity crisis’. A few months ago we were bombarded by prophecies of a demographic crisis in which there will be an ambundance of elderly people and a dearth of young tax-payers to support them. And yet, one of the main objections the media voice against obesity is that sufferers of this disorder will die at a young age. When a person dies prematurely he saves the state the cost of keeping him in his dotage.


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