Fresh Blood

It would seem that we have new witches to burn. No, it’s not the so-called Chavs. Now we or rather the popular press have found fresh blood. We are now persecuting the obese and even the mildly overweight. I am half expecting groups of people with torches and pitchforks gathering in the street at midnight chanting in unison ‘Burn the corpulent ones’. A very good friend of mine: Aaron is morbidly obese and says that lately random strangers seem to feel the need to verbally abuse him in the street. One woman, described by Aaron, as bearing a remarkable resemblance to Little Britain’s Vicky Pollard.) shrilled ‘Oy, you fat bastard. You lot are costing the NHS millions.’ That was rich, coming from someone who was certainly no Kate Moss.. In fact, ironically, Aaron hardly uses the NHS. More than this Aaron receives very little help from the state – not even a half decent formal education. He has worked since he left school at sixteen and he has not, nor will he ever, claim benefits.. If, in future, he chooses to make use of these services then in my opinion he damned well deserves it! We live in hateful, superficial world in which people seem to believe that we are no more than our packaging.

(To be Continued)

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