Anchored Down

I am detached from the world once more. I am working part-time now – supplementing my income with freelance writing and proof-reading. *sigh* I shall be famous soon enough. I feel heavy, anchored to the earth. I want to fly. I want to be translucent and incorporeal again. That light airy feeling that passed with my teenage years. When unhealthiness meanthealthinesss – my paradoxical self. That was my coping mechanism and I have found nothing to replace it. Not even my first love – writing.

Some good news – I attained a 2i on an undergraduate maths test. I feel an urge to hunt down my old primary school teachers and thrust this result into their smug faces. For it was they who told me (when I was about five) that humanities were for me. They taught me to despise the sciences and maths. They forgot to mention, however, that, on average, humanities graduates earn substantially less than science graduates.


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