Misty-Eyed Nostalgia

Oh the good old days
Oh misty eyed nostalgia
Oh, shut up….

Yes, I am listening to ‘Whinesport‘. Charlie Wolf babbling on about this case and claiming that it is symptomatic of the problems in British society today. Here’s a quarter for the ‘clue ‘phone’, Charlie, it made the news because it is newsworthy and it is newsworthy because it is such an unusual case. I would have thought that someone ‘in the 97th’ percentile with a degree in journalism (ha!) would know that. Apparently, this is also symptomatic of the dreadful state that contemporary Britain is in. Again, an unusual case. He went on to claim that ‘an armed society is a gentler society.’ In other words, Charlie Boy is berating us, yet again, for being ‘unAmerican’. There’s a way of solving that, Mr. Wolf…I’ll come and wave you off at the airport.


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  1. Shazam Says:

    “this case”, I don’t think you mentioned what case Charlie was rambling on about; of course, I don’t suppose that really matters; what ever the subject, he always says exactly the same thing.


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