Lightning Strikes

I am watching TV. I am watching Quizmania. And it occurs to me that TV is the most wasted medium on this planet. Should I end it all now?

Switch Channels – to BBC News 24. They are interviewing an Asian guy who voted for the BNP. Why? What is he trying to prove? Is he not aware of their policy of encouraging repatriation of non-white citizens? It’s akin to a Jew voting for the National Socialist Party in Germany during the March, 1933 elections. I wonder if he is sectionable. It’s not as if Nick Griffin (an alumnus of Downing College, Cambridge – He got a Douglas Hurd (or a piece of Turd – oh no, that’s the man himself)) is a great orator. My cat is more persuasive than him.

I did not exercise my civic duty – I did not vote. There is nothing for me. I need a real liberal party. The kind of Liberal Party that Winston Churchill knew and loved (well, until he ‘crossed the floor’.)


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