A Message

What had she done?
She could not remember.

We stalked through the long grass that shot up between the tiles of this, once elegant, now dilapidated. There was a kind on unrestrained wildness that contrasted sharply with the stark nature of their life back at the hospital. But the need for routine was always there within us. And, no matter how hard we tried, we couldn’tÂ’t tear ourselves away from it. It was embedded in our heads. We each laid our hands on the head of the stone peacock. The walls were crumbling. Everything was crumbling. I thought I saw a red serpent slithering though the grass but it was only the shabby red college scarf that Ben had tossed away earlier. The occult means the hidden, Ben had whispered to me. nothingng more. Remember that. Everything else is myth. Myth and supposition.’


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