Medication and Writer’s Block

I have been afflicted by overwhelming writer’s block. I am now on four different types of medication: a neuroleptic- Zyprexa, an SSRI- Venlafaxine, a hypnotic- Zolpidem and my faithful friend: Valium. Mother’s Little Helper. ‘Pumped up with valium. Will you give me some’. Suede. This is probably contributing to my inability to write. Barrenness in my head. My useless dead brain. Is it dead or merely sleeping. I sincerely hope so. And, no, I don’t rattle when I walk.

A little bit of politics, for a change. The case of George Galloway. I don’t have much sympathy with his political stance. The way he toadied to Saddam Hussein and his murderous regime was quite nauseating. ‘Sir, I salute your courage, your indefatigability.’ I bet he regrets that line. It almost constituted treason in my very humble opinion. However, the vindictive manner in which he is being treated by the US Senate just because he embarrassed them is quite worrying.

Leave our Village Idiot alone. He may be an idiot but he’s our idiot. What is it they say about absolute power corrupting absolutely?


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