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Battered Old Teddy Bear

October 9, 2005


Darkness Discharged

October 9, 2005

Is it discipline? Is it brutality?
Or is it a kind of mockery
My ersatz mother beside me
Succumbs to slow decay

And we watch the war in the sky
For tomorrow we may die
But we are untouched by bomb or bullet
For we are not strategic targets

We are just weary travellers
Sailors home from the sea
Soldiers home from the war
And still my mother clings to me.

The World is Collapsing

October 9, 2005

The world is collapsing around my ears. And music plays on the radio in my head. So I cannot sleep. I am listening to Charlie Wolfe – irritating – am I a glutton for punishment – do I seek out things that annoy me? It is the only connection I have to the world at this time of night. They are doing religion tonight. His views are ill-thought out. Oh, there he goes again – condemning the BBC and the NHS. This man is working for Rupert Murdoch. Says it all really.

And I have no insurance. Oh, come all ye burglars and arsonists. My stomach is twisting in on itself and the planet is sending out a message: ‘You do not belong here!’

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