Slowly Growing

I am slowly growing out of my youthful egocentrism. Others are becoming more important than me. I have accepted my insignificance. My treatment for bulimia begins next week. The Olanzapine seems to be working as it should: filtering out the ‘veil’ thoughts and fears and yet still permitting me to be relatively creative. It’s quite sedating though – I am sleeping ten hours a night. I am sketching a lot – not terribly well – like a dog dancing on its hindlegs. The final essay of my OU course is due in next week.

I am re-connecting with friends. I saw Lisa over the weekend. She is giving (yes giving) me her old desktop. My current one is driven and associated with the pseudo-messiah (I bought it from him a few years ago when he impulsively decided that ‘computers are evil’ and that he did not wish to be a slave to technology. Anyway, it’s so old, it’s steam driven. I can’t wait. I love new gadgets.


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