Military Bearing

(Continued) And wouldn’t that be tragic.
What kind of crime would Andy have to commit in order to wind up inside.
I don’t think I’ll be applying for a Visiting Order. Except maybe to gloat. And to remind him to avoid dropping the soap in the shower. (And yes, before peeps write in, I know it’s a myth).

No, that would be really mean.
But then, did I ever claim to be anything else?

The Evesham Voyager was returned by the repair shop but it still wasn’t perfect. They had even managed to do more damage – they had unseated the F12 key. Doug returned it, adopting his haughty military sergeant major manner of old and, yes, he still has it – perfect posture, chest thrust out, you know the stuff. ‘We don’t want it back in that condition,’ he snapped out. (No wonder those National Service boys were so terrified of him: ‘Do you believe in God,son, well, you’re looking at him!’). Do you ever lose it.

Yes, it appears you do. As some rather tragic news I received today reveals…


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