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Sunshine & Teddy Bear

June 19, 2005

Sunshine & Teddy Bear
Originally uploaded by Bratcat1000.

View from my bed.

Bleak Shores

June 19, 2005

I stand on these bleak shores
Behind the stone walls
That guard my inner self
These ice encrusted seas
Like those of Lapland,
Siberia, Mother Russia

And then there is
My own Mother
Where is she?
I look up and there she is
She was the rock,
Standing tall above the tumult

Detached and untouchable
And she did not see
The cold moon
Staring in at me
Through the window
Each night

Of Course I’m not…

June 19, 2005

I shall let Karma do its work. Cosmic justice. Bitterness is corrosive. Apparently. Oh, my acidic innards! Thoughts of vengeance are taking my mind off a long hot summer watching the seemingly ubiquitous Big Brother and my hellish hayfever. At work they take bets on how many sneezes I can manage in a row – the record so far is thirty four.

The Pseudo-Messiah clearly sees his evasion of a custodial sentence as a victory. He emerged triumphant. I don’t think he is aware of how the system works. I don’t think he realizes that if he commits any kind of crime within the next five years he is, as they say, going down.

Another battle with authority. This time I am being harassed by a debt collection agency employed by the Student Loan Company. A woman rang and left a message on my answerphone. When I returned the call she spoke to me in a threatening manner and said (and I quote) ‘Right then, we’ll be at your door.’

I rang back later and complained about the woman’s aggressive approach. Another woman who seemed a little more reasonable said ‘Well, we are a debt collection agency’. And then suddenly she said ‘Are you recording me?’

Me: ‘Huh?’

‘Are you using a recording device? I heard an echo. You do know it’s illegal to record someone without their permission?’

So, there we have it – a company indirectly employed by the government whose staff include a representative of the Kray Twins and a prime candidate for Paranoiacs’ Anonymous.

Wonderful! Bureaucracy – gotta love it!

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