World of dinner parties
Fleshed out with flowing honey
Fleshed out with red wine
And solid, heavy pink bosoms
Resting on an oak dining table
And you feel the eyes of that young man
That red-cheeked wide eyed acne ridden boy
Boy, yes boy, straining upwards – manhood bound

A luminous, statuesque creature
A radiant bright shape – almost a flame
You peer across the table dissecting each
Beguiling boy. You prepare to devour them
Ambivalence reigns. Get back, get back,
They silently scream but as you bewitch them
With your tall tales and this time joy replaces dread
And your rainfall of affection is embraced

Embrace of decadent borderlands
You adore them. You stand poised
On the edge of some ledge. Your smile
Its widens. White teeth dazzle. You bow
You pacify the popcorn chewing crowd
Their faces upturned, they stare
And those boys remember in sleep the way
In which you consumed them one by one.

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