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Probably not the best choice of reading material..

April 23, 2005

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The Hour Before Dawn

April 23, 2005

In the hour before dawn, waking
Encountering the solidity,
The self sufficiency
Of the bureau, the chest,
The dining room table
I pause. I hear nothing
Not a eye blink; not a limb twitching

A nocturnal bird beyond the window
Eyes me. Silent shadows stalk me
A dream with an angel at its core
A ghost glides down the staircase
A spectre floats in the hall
Sucking blood, they feast
And then they multiply

I flick the switch
And snap the silver threads
Of the greying outlines
Of all my fading yesterdays
And then there is clarity
As the lamplight glows
Lighting my way to morning.


April 23, 2005

Am I hypersane? Is everyone else mad?

I don’t understand the attitude of the US to the Kyoto Protocol. I don’t understand anyone who does not care about environmental degradation. Don’t they care about the long-term survival of their own species. Don’t they realize that we are sleepwalking into extinction and that the planet will proceed with or without us. I find it particularly hard to understand people with children who don’t care about the future of the planet. This means they don’t care about future generations, which brings to mind the question: why did they have children in the first place.

I feel detached, as though I have no personal investment in the matter. After all, I have no brats. But shame on those who do.

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