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Delectable Devil

April 15, 2005

Sipping on cherry soda
And toast
The whispers in the air
A monument for you
Statuesque, blending into a white wall
With your minions at your feet

All fall down and scream and writhe
This is when I run, I hide
But there is nothing that keeps you from me
And there is nothing to stop you
From reaching out and wrenching out
The delectable devil inside.

Tedious Documentary

April 15, 2005

Just finished viewing a tedious documentary about Houston, Texas on the subject of obesity (‘Houston, we have a problem’’Yes, it’s chronic obesity’). I’d videoed it ages ago but, due to my phenomenally fun-filled life (ha!) did not get to watch it until now. Apparently, Houston is the ‘Obesity Capital’ of America, which makes it the ‘Obesity Capital’ of the world. It consisted of a bunch of overweight people standing around whining about their predicament and wondering how they got into that position. A small clue was provided by the guy who said that he resented walking to the mail box in the morning. ‘Texas is a state that is friendly only to the car,’ said one of the interviewees.

Huh? Have they never heard of recreational walking? Call me unsympathetic but have none of those people ever heard of exercise? Or as a last resort: simply stop eating. I recommend the ‘Puke ‘n’ Lax Diet’®.

It worked for me. Too well, unfortunately

Ice Skating

April 15, 2005

Ice Skating
Originally uploaded by Bratcat1000.

More nostalgia – ice skating in NYC.

No Laughing Mask

April 15, 2005

Are your smiles merely
Distorted grimaces
I ask the laughing
Women in the street
They cling to children
With grubby cheeks
Chins scarred by scabs
With grim, crying faces
I await my little girl,
Sitting on the wall
Outside the primary
And I am thinking
That I have no right
To stand amongst
These vivacious women
For I have
No laughing mask.

The Jammy

April 15, 2005

The Jammy

(See entry entitled: Why we should boycott diamonds)

THIS really pissed me off. So now women are to blame for *this* as well. Women may receive diamonds but men buy them after all the former control less than 20% of the world’s wealth.


Oh no, posted from wrong blog…
off to slit wrists.

New Background

April 15, 2005

Originally uploaded by louisemills.

New background for new Globalnet website (which will be up and running once I get over my procrastination.)

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