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Where Are You Now?

April 14, 2005

Where are you now?
You, who showed me your pretty, witty poems?
Where are you now?
Why did I betray you,
You who were reluctant to believe
That any passions lurked
In that dull, little, dark-haired girl
In the corner?

Where are you now?
You, who judged my poetry
Like you judged the dinner I made?
‘Pas mal,’ you said.

You, who judged me
As I lay like a corpse
On your bed.
You, who judged me,
Called me a housewife.
‘I don’t fuck the house, do I?’
I said.

Poetry Reading

April 14, 2005

Poetry reading – successful but rather unenthusiastic audience. Followed by a two hour binge but managed to dispose of the food efficiently (so much for recovery). The monster inside – bulimia – has re-emerged since the attack. I feel like disposing the contents of my stomach through the pseudo-messiah’s door. (A kind of ‘look what you’ve done’ statement but God knows what he’d put through my letter box in return.

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