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April 10, 2005

The scream in the night awakens me
And the talk in college halls
Of the people, dancing within,
Speaking in foreign tongues

And drunken worlds
And lovers’ curls
And the parties
To which I never seem
To be invited

And the world
Of black gowns
And mortar boards
To which I
Can never belong

We, the outsiders,
Are misguided together
As we plunge through the roof,
Wasted flesh, lacerated.

My body shudders
The earth shudders
‘We should be dead,’
I cry.

Fight Club

April 10, 2005

I watched Fight Club for the first time today. Brad Pitt and Helena Bonham Carter were excellent but were outclassed by the guy who played the protagonist. Alas, I am indulging in the shameful habit of downloading films. I am trying to give up, I really am. I wonder if I could start my own ‘fight club’. After all, when Andy attacked me I didn’t feel the pain. I’d just have to learn how to dish it out. I’d have to learn to suppress my capacity for empathy. And maybe physical pain is preferable to emotional pain.

OTOH women have their boobies and their pwetty ickle face to worry about. And I have a War Club, consisting of two members: Doug and I.

Red Wheel Kaleidoscope

April 10, 2005

Red Wheel Kaleidoscope
Originally uploaded by Bratcat1000.

Dull Dawn

April 10, 2005

In the half light
Of morning
The living room
Is a bleak landscape,
Littered with life’s leftovers
A toddler’s warzone
With bombarded toytowns

Shrill children awake,
Waddling on awkward
Duck feet. Tainted
By images from some
Cruel comic strip
A duel at dawn
In an imagined world

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