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Disney Store

April 7, 2005

Disney Store
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A visit to one of my favourite shops.
(‘I don’t ‘do’ multinationals’: an ex boyfriend. Oh, yeah, well where do you think the components in your ‘future-proof’ computer came from? Gotta love hypocrisy.)

Spiritual Purity

April 7, 2005

Every cell,
Every part of me
Strains toward a kind
Of spiritual purity
Particles packed together
Protected by a membrane
A microscope descends
Light passes through me
And all my secrets are revealed

You magnify me
Saying that my structure
Embodies fragility
But that you are the architect
Of this situation
There is no escape
I am thinly diced
And distributed
To the party guests

Just Embarked on the Road to Hell

April 7, 2005

I tried to pay my respects to the Pontiff, I really did. I even tried to book a flight out there, but, no,….NO FLIGHTS. I suppose It’s all worked out in the end. GOD decided that I was never going to Rome. So when do I get payback for that time when my parents took me as a very small child to ‘see the pope’. Now a child often interprets that term as ‘see the pope, talk to him, be the envy of my friends’. But,no,for me, as a seven year old, I took these statements literally. And I was very disappointed that all I got to see was a white speck in the distance. (Another intervention from the deity. Oh, Well, Thanks a Bloody Lot Oh Deity!


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