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Burnt Pages

April 3, 2005

Burnt Pages
Originally uploaded by Bella the Cat.

Poignant remnants of the fire, scattered across the grass.

God’s Eyes

April 3, 2005

I feel God’s eyes upon me
I walk through the light
Into the night
I am sucked into a dark
And silent sea
I confront the dawn with empty eyes
And a dead heart
I hear Him whisper,
‘This is how it must be’.

The Pope’s Passing

April 3, 2005

In case you’ve been residing on another planet the pope has passed on. I regret his passing. (Mourn is the wrong word – how can you mourn someone you don’t personally know). I am a lapsed Catholic. I was so devout at one point that I seriously contemplated becoming a nun. Many people on a certain forum I frequent are wondering why the news is being given such extensive coverage when millions of people on the planet are suffering as a result of various catastrophic events. Well, guess what, guys, I feel the same when a politician dies or a member of the Royal Family. And I certainly felt that way when ‘Saint’ Diana died.

I have read extensively about Karol Wojtyla’s life and his remarkable activities in WWII made him an ‘asset to the human race’ in themselves.

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