New Poem


Would you have stood by,
Watched those synagogues burn?
You bet you would
And there’s nothing wrong with that
Because if we’re honest,
I mean really honest
I mean ripping open the skin
Until the cartilage and blood
And bone beneath is revealed
We’d have done the same
Because we’d like to have resisted
We really would
But we had to get that roast on
And then there were the kids to feed
And what the screw
Were we meant to do?
Just get on with it, that’s what
Because, speaking for myself,
And everyone gathered here,
Whatever fascist dictator is in power
At the moment
As long as he remains
On the periphery of our existence
As long as he provides the money, the food
The entertainment, the women,
And, oh yes, the men
As long as all that happens
We will be content to go to bed
With full stomachs
And empty minds
Perfecting our boundless capacity
For wilful blindness.

For, oh how we love our propaganda
Wine with that, Sir?
Sugar-coated or sour?
Do you want the truth
Or do you want the lie?
The Very Big Lie
Do you want to keep your A1 Jew?
I’ll make an exception
Just for you.


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